Video: Lonny X Ft. K$ubi Kayy – Who U

Superstars in the making. CT natives Lonny X and K$ubi Kay have been cooking up hits since the ball dropped. Making rounds, celebrating the release of The K$ubi Effect & the first installment of Lonny X’s Money Year: Very Bad Influence the dynamic duo return with a fun set of visuals in Who U.

Video: King Of August – DREAMKILLA

The journey is the reward. Night Rider, King Of August returns with a weary visual, taking his talents to the streets and bringing his DREAMKILLA anthem to life, in his latest offering.

Video: Jay Frio – WATERS

Whether The Weather. Speaking on the uneasiness surrounding his city, Jay Frio hops on the mic and sheds light on the darkness of the 203.

Video: Ari Serrano – Be Yourself

Don’t Be Like Them. An ode to the real ones, the multitalented Ari Serrano delivers an intimate visual behind the testimonial Be Yourself.