#StraightOuttaCT: Craigy F

First up… Ridge Season repper, Craigy F. With all of the talented lyricists making their rise across the state, Craigy F, offers something new.

Providing killer vocals, a melodic chorus and vulnerability, spilling over a dope production, Craigy F is CT’s R&B rebel.

Serving his own interpretation of R&B, the CT crooner, offers a refreshing sound in the state. The new London native, is not your conventional R&B artist. If I had to compare him to an artist out now, I’d say PNB Rock; an edgy cross, following the successful trend of singing and rapping. Craigy celebrates the misfits, while venting on his vices and lust. He is the ultimate Sad Boyz repper, pouring his heart out in search of a lust lost, or displaying his full on, cocky, ego on other joints. Feeling like you might miss your ex, he might not be the best artist to look up. Get familiar with the CT native, here and make sure you check him out April 2nd at #40OzBounceCT!

Writer: Adriela Batista

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