Video: Aristotle Torres Recreates Biggie’s Classic Hit ‘I Gotta Story To Tell’


With Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg introducing the film, and enticing viewers with his commentating, visionary Aristotle Torres a.k.a Aristotle Bam has brought Biggie’s 1997 hit Gotta Story To Tell up to 2016 standards, as he connects the lyrics to his personal video treatment. Model, Amina Blue serves as the beautiful leading lady in the flick, who strays away from her athlete husband (played by Broadway star Delano Barbosa), connecting with an old time friend (played by another Broadway star Ade Otukoya), and ultimately betraying her husband by sleeping with “said” friend.

If you’ve ever heard the B.I.G. classic, you all know the ending to this epic tale, but if you haven’t, check out the chaos unravelling in the 2016 edition of Biggie’s I Gotta Story To Tell, directed by Aristotle Torres.

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