ICYMI: Dash Flash Ft. Rich The Kid -Money Growing

Stacks on Stacks. CT’s own Dash Flash  has recruited Rich The Kid for a track inspired and dedicated to the Money. Flash delivers an infectious hook, bound to draw you in at first listen, before unleashing his explosive verse. NY native Rich The Kid adds an extra level to the Blasian Beats produced track, complimenting the fun beat with his infamous flow.

Check out Dash Flash X Rich The Kid in their latest collab, Money Growing here:


Video: Prano – Weight Up

Boston native Prano is getting his Weight Up in the official video, behind the ultimate hustler’s anthem. Prano is suggesting all haters take another route and get their money up, before approaching the artist on the rise. Spitting punchline after punchline over a J Demers production, Prano is letting his flow do the talking, as he lets off a round of ammo, with each bar.

Causing a ruckus, as he rides through the Bean Town streets, Prano and a crew full of homies get gritty in the visuals behind his street anthem. Check out the official video for Weight Up, off of PranObama3, here:

Podcast: Chris Stylez – Trappin’ Anonymous Ep. 3 ‘The Mental’

East Coast repper Chris Stylez is a man of many talents. Whether it’s going viral for holding his ground while battling a goddess on the dance floor, turning up a Henny Palooza crowd or simply servicing the world with his energy, Stylez has created an untouchable name for himself. This time around he is back, with another venture. Asking the questions many of us are afraid to touch on, Stylez embarks on a quest to get into the mind of the hustler/trapper. Dipping into a controversial topic and a dangerous world, Stylez serves as the insider, giving all an in depth look into the perspective of the trapper.

With a voice changer to mask the identity of each guest, Stylez talks to those in the game, allowing them to tell their side. The result? Haunting yet some comedic, testimonials that are raw and uncut. Stylez has become a hustler’s priest, where they are able to vent, yet remain anonymous. Listen to Episode 3 of Trappin’ Anonymous ‘The Mental’ and catch up on Episodes 1 & 2, below:

ICYMI: Bruse Wane Ft. Sean Price & Chris Rivers – Venom

East Coast. Bruse Wane is keeping things all the way gritty in the visuals behind his lethal single, Venom. Surrounded by Hip Hop greatness, Wane enlists the legendary Sean Price and Big Pun prodigy Chris Rivers, for an authentic East Coast feel, filled with punchlines. Taking over the Sirius XM studios, DJ Eclipse cuts up a poisonous production.

The trio prove that they are not a crew to be messed with, as they take over roof tops,  before P! shuts down the track with his posthumous verse. Check out the official video behind Venom, here:

Mixtapes: Sciryl Da Ghost – High Risk High Reward II

Taking his own twist on lyrics, Sciryl Da Ghost has returned with the second installment of his High Risk High Reward series. With musical influence rooting in Blues, and production, the Chi-town native is here to make a statement in his latest project. Having first released HRHR in 2014, Ghost takes a trip down memory lane revisiting the theme, and unveiling his progress.

Filled with warped productions and a flow to match, this artist on the rise is bound to catch your attention. Get familiar with Sciryl Da Ghost and High Risk High Reward II:


ICYMI: Craigy F – What A Time To Be A Villain (Prod. by Maaly Raw)

Dat Be Maaly Raw… Linking up with the unstoppable Maaly Raw, New London’s own Craigy F has secured a recipe for success in his latest offering What A Time To Be A Villain. Gearing up for the release of his upcoming project, Craigy has set the tone yet again, with a Maaly Raw assist. Perfectly complimenting the beat, executing and skating over the layered production, the CT artist encourages us all to take a ride on the bad side.

Declaring it officially Ridge Season, Craigy F creates an anthem for the villains. Listen to What A Time To Be A Villain,  produced by Maaly Raw, here:


ICYMI: Front X Page – Forest Gate Flow (Prod. By Jiggy Hendrix)

Providing reggae infused bars, Front X Page is here with a clear message in his latest offering, Forest Gate Flow. With Jiggy Hendrix providing a gritty production as the perfect back drop, Front X Page is set up for success, as he vents on not having  one second to waste on anyone trying to slow him up. In other words the bad mon doesn’t have any time for the Bull.

Keep your eyes open for this CT repper, in the meantime get familiar with him on Forest Gate Flow a tribute influenced by his hometown of New London, here:

Video: ANoyd – Black Privilege

Taking over VIBE with the debut, CT gem ANoyd has unleashed an impactful and very necessary set of visuals behind his testimonial track Black Privilege. Serving as a single apart from his latest project Autumn in Sinsinati, Black Privilege is an entity of it’s own, celebrating blackness, and all of the royalty that is associated with being apart of the culture. In the official video, ANoyd steps back into time,  recreating historical figures and ironically showing how many of the issues faced decades ago, are still very much alive in today’s society.

With Jamie Tobias bringing the images to life as the director, Black Privilege touches on issues of race, police brutality, protest and ultimately the value of a black man in America. Check out the thought provoking movie behind Black Privilege, here:

Mixtapes: Red Carpet Rich – The World Is Yours

Another One. Waterbury‘s own Red Carpet Rich is not slowing up, having just released Code Red: Reloaded, Rich is back with another project, The World Is Yours. Staying true to the theme Rich has created a soundtrack for those out there willing to grind and get it. Opening up the piece with the signature track The World Is Yours, the 203 native is bound to have you in a trance at first listen.

Delivering a project filled with street anthems, oozing hustle and bravado, Red Carpet Rich is proving he is one to look out for. Check out The World Is Yours in its entirety here:


Video: Misfit Muda Ft. Myke Green – The Same

CT! Connecticut’s own Misfit Muda and Myke Green, collide in a collaboration for the books. Beating the odds, the artists are making it clear that nothing will be the same, once their talent sets the world ablaze. With Muda providing a haunting flow, on an eerie production, Green swoops in with his sermon of a verse, slowing things down with his vocals and suave verse. The two clearly gravitate towards each other’s energy, creating a smooth track, bound to attract any one upon first listen.

Check out the visuals behind their hit, The Same, here. Be sure to be on the look out for their collaborative project C.A.R.S.