Podcast: Chris Stylez – Trappin’ Anonymous Ep. 3 ‘The Mental’

East Coast repper Chris Stylez is a man of many talents. Whether it’s going viral for holding his ground while battling a goddess on the dance floor, turning up a Henny Palooza crowd or simply servicing the world with his energy, Stylez has created an untouchable name for himself. This time around he is back, with another venture. Asking the questions many of us are afraid to touch on, Stylez embarks on a quest to get into the mind of the hustler/trapper. Dipping into a controversial topic and a dangerous world, Stylez serves as the insider, giving all an in depth look into the perspective of the trapper.

With a voice changer to mask the identity of each guest, Stylez talks to those in the game, allowing them to tell their side. The result? Haunting yet some comedic, testimonials that are raw and uncut. Stylez has become a hustler’s priest, where they are able to vent, yet remain anonymous. Listen to Episode 3 of Trappin’ Anonymous ‘The Mental’ and catch up on Episodes 1 & 2, below:

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