ICYMI: A Big Headed Vince Staples Stars In Prima Donna Mini-Movie

West Coast repper Vince Staples has unleashed a project filled with nothing but quality lyrics and a swarm of mixed production (some nostalgic and reminiscent of classic west coast/ Dr. Dre sounds) , bound to have you feeling as through you’re riding through palm trees, in an old school ride, with Snoop by your side.

The actual project unfolds, telling a vivid tale of all that goes on within a young Staples head, as well as capturing what is going on physically, in the society around him. Touching on numerous topics from, gun violence, police brutality and gang alliances, Vince stays true to himself, while allowing us all in to his warped mind/life. In the Prima Donna mini-movie, Vince’s dream comes to life, with each song, serving as the soundtrack behind the well equipped project. With songs like War Ready, Shine and more, Prima Donna is the ultimate motivational piece, bound to have you in GO mode as soon as you hit play!


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