Music: Alpo Lumpy – Welcome To Holyland 3 (Stream + Review)

Welcome to Holyland. In the third installment of Alpo Lumpy‘s testimonial series, the Waterbury repper holds nothing back, touching on personal stories, giving insight into his city, and overall delivering anthems for those out trying to get it.

WTH3 opens up with an inspirational production in Encore, giving all listeners a quick dose of what you can expect through out the project. Lumpy’s gritty flow, serves as the perfect narrator in this autobiographical Hustler’s tale. The track’s name does it justice, Lumpy leaves you at the edge of your seat, ready for what he’s got cooking up next in Encore.

Lumpy slows things down in 4 p.m., taking over a Phresh production, the 203 native delivers a cut filled with bass, swift punchlines and an addictive hook.

In a city where few show love, Alpo recruits Dope Man Dee to create the perfect anthem with Ain’t No Love, depicting the struggles surrounding the Brass City. With a melodic hook, Alpo expresses his angst and sorrow for his hometown.

Things turn up a notch in Go In, Alpo does just that. Serving as the perfect track to get your blood pumping, Alpo switches flows, showcasing his range and lyricism. The Kind Roots production is the perfect back drop for Alpo to do his thing.

Clique. Bringing in fellow bad boy Red Carpet Rich, Alpo professes his loyalty for his homies, over a fun Robbie Jay production. Cut too short, the one minute hit is bound to leave you wanting more from the dynamic duo.

Creating Waves. Alpo teams up with Meansk, for a bravado filled hit, with a layered production to make a killer combination, in The Wave. Making for a killer combination, the haunting production and Alpo’s gritty, explicit flow are a match made in heaven (or hell).

Closing WTH3 are Rubio which serves as the final testament to Alpo’s wordplay. before The Pain and Outro complete Lumpy’s story. Filled with encouragement, raw and uncut bars, Alpo closes out Welcome To Holyland 3 with a bang.

Stream the project in full, here:


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