Podcast: Catch Up With Chris Stylez – ‘Trappin Anonymous’ Season 2 Ep. 1 & 2 Here!

He’s Back. Invading our air waves, Chris Stylez is back with a vengeance, in the second season of his infamous Trappin Anonymous podcast. Switching the focus off of drugs, Stylez caters more to the unconventional sexual side of things as he opens up the 2nd season with the Backpage Anonymous episode.

Opening the Backpage anonymous episode, Stylez pops his Craigslist/Backpage cherry with an in depth look into the industry, through the eyes of an escort. The escort opens up about her hustle, rates and ultimately demeaning requests she is approached with, giving all listeners a raw look into that life:

In the 2nd Episode of Season 2, Styles jumps into the world of control, submissiveness, and domination. Sitting down with a dominatrix in Episode 2 , listeners have a front row seat into the life of women paid to hurt and humiliate clients, all in the name of a good ole’ sadistic climax:


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