Dre Wave Drops ‘Free Roses’ & Explains Significance Of Project Title

The Wave has returned, reaching it’s highest point and unleashing a dangerous current in the form of Free Roses.

In his latest embodiment, Dre Wave uses his artistry to pour his heart out on 9 tracks. Whether touching on a disoriented romance, lust, his transgressions or loyalty, Wave delivers a harmonizing master piece, while experimenting with auto-tune. Keeping things close to home, Wave shows love to his hometown, intimately linking with engineers, producers and artists straight out of Waterbury.

Wave is intricate with his collaborations, enlisting fellow 203 natives, Red Carpet Rich and Alpo Lumpy for a 21 Question influenced track. Bringing themes surrounding the 2003, 50 Cent classic, to a modern day 2017 Trap Love Song. Alpo Lumpy, Red Carpet Rich & Eighty Six Major, serve as the only features on the project.

Wave opened up to Unpopular Plug, detailing the influence behind projects name Free Roses. Unveiling that the piece was written and recorded during one of the hardest times of his life, Wave explained the significance of Roses:

“Well my mom was very sick. She was diagnosed with a disease that I can’t even pronounce but I know it attacks the nerves. Then she went blind in her right eye. Right after, she was hospitalized for about a year or so and I would bring her roses every Friday I got paid.”

Wave continued to explain that Roses are just so simple, yet beautiful at the same time, why not pay homage in his collective?

Leaving fans with a simple message “Tell Your Story because nobody has it

Stream Wave‘s latest offering Free Roses in full, here:

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