#UPProfile: ‘The DopeSki Dynasty’ Ft. Rizzie Red, Zae France, Mizzy Lot & Lyn Miller

An Empire. 203 reppers Dopeski Ent. is a conglomerate in it’s own league. Taking a non-conventional approach to branding, the Dopeski Ent. looks for no hand outs. Instead the crew consisting of Rizzie Redd, Zae France, Mizzy Lot and Lyn Miller create their own opportunities.

Repping Waterbury & New Haven CT, The Dopeski crew have a distinct method to putting out their art. Waiting until the track is perfected, and minimally making their music public, the Dopeski crew builds suspense. Instead, the crew lets new listeners catch up with the wave through their previous work.

The four members are impressive on their own, yet when combined their chemistry is an unstoppable force. The unique vocals of lyricists Rizzie Red, Mizzy Lot, Lyn Miller & Singer Zae France draw any listener in immediately. Their talents do not end there. The Dopeski Ent artists, also self produce, while switching in between bars and soothing vocals through out many of their tracks. Showing love within their state, they keep things close to home when it comes to collaborations as well, including fellow Waterbury natives Alpo Lumpy, 4ourty8 and more. Mastering their engineering, creating radio ready hits, Dopeski Ent. is set to be a long lasting dynasty.

Get familiar with crew, their influences, creative process and more here:

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