#VisuallySpeaking: Nef_Film Discusses Confidence, Hometown Influence, Color Theory & Film Favorites!


Visual maven Nefertiti a.k.a Nef Film has created a visual brand inspired by the classic art method of Color Theory. Tapping into her timeless views of cinematography with a modern twist, Nef Film dissects movies of all genres and matches them with a shade of feeling.

Catching the attention and hearts of many, Nef has become a relatable figure due to the quality of her art, relatable demeanor and overall confidence in not only her work but also her femininity. Using platforms such as Twitter and Instagram the visionary has created a space where all can relate, take a break from the world’s chaos and take in the colors around. Nef has received recognition from the legendary Pharrell Williams, and has also had her creative eye in Play Boi Carti‘s reputable ‘Broke Boi’ video.

Now the DMV repper and NYC native is gearing up to release some visual magic of her own in 2017. Check out our interview:


How does your hometown influence you/your art?

I am so proud to be from PG county. Growing up girls from my city were risk takers. They wore bright color lipsticks, wild crazy hair, and were very experimental with how they look. Long nails with crazy designs have been incorporated into my new film and thats totally because of my city’s influence on me. Matter of fact PG and D.C. Is full of influencers . We made it fire to wear the North Face and New Balances.

Your confidence is something I admire and you wear it unapologetically. How are you able to have this state of mind, while also not having it all figured out at the same time?

One my guy friends told me the other day that my ego is something “terrible”.lol I don’t think I have one…I’ve been thru alot and I think being able to learn from your mistakes really makes you more confident. I keep down to mars people around me as well, so whenever i’m going crazy they check me. Like the other day my friend Shelley told me that once I lose my ego and worrying about people copying me more things will come to me . I feel him on that

I’ve noticed that you don’t look for support, others naturally do so because of the quality in your work/vision. Can you detail your personal experience/ views on gaining support from others and also showing support for yourself?

I think the reason why I don’t look for support is because of the natural ability that art has when it comes to bringing the right people together. People find my page..Artist, . Celebs, Regulars,IG models, Hood Niggas. They all can relate to colors, so everything that should happen for me, does.I don’t expect a handout, and I work very hard for everything I obtain, including my art.

When did Nef become all about the colors? How did your color theories come about?

I think its always been apart of me but I didn’t start nurturing it until I realized I saw colors different then the average person. In 2015 I moved to Houston and I finally saw clear skies and bright beautiful land… that alone opened my eyes up to the canvas that was right in front of me. My theories were based on my mood. If i was upset I would watch a thriller film that used a lot of red or blue colors. On my IG I try to show people how one color can stick out in a shot and create a entire another layer for the scene. to show the feels of Film and colors is all I want to do. This isn’t a new concept, fuckkkk. Color Theory was around when Da Vinci was still here. Like damn.


What are some of your favorite movies to experiment with Color Theory? Your Belly Set was a Mood.

Wes Anderson movies are my favorite. I love the use of yellows and pinks in his films. He’s so detail-oriented, just like Kubrick was.They know that colors and cinematography tell the story.I also have to say Spike Jonze movie “Her.” is brilliant and the use of reds and pastels in that film is breathtaking

What is the story behind you co- directing Play Boi Carti’s Broke Boi anthem?

Broke Boi video wasn’t suppose to drop . It’s funny because Ian Conner hit me up to do it and I was like cool let’s do this. I asked my film bestie Ashley to co-direct with me and she brought along the film Squad Dante and Maalik. We shot it in two days and literally got kicked off the location we had our eyes on. My brother Toby made some calls for a old art studio to shoot in and the rest was history.


What are a few upcoming projects you look forward to?

I look forward to showing the world a film about colors.

Top film that inspires you visually?

My color Theory Film coming this summer , I promise .

Name one of your favorite story lines in a film?

Friday. Getting high in the hood, but you owe a icecream truck driver money and have to defeat the hood bully. Perfect.

What are some elements in a film that instantly draw you in?

cinematography and costume design. Scorsese Films are good at that.

What are some of your favorite music visuals, old and new?

Really can’t name them all. Missy videos for sure


What is Neff listening to currently?

I really love Tame Impala. Like maybe toooo much, I’m listening to Lonerism right now. DRAM’s album is legit one of my favorites from 2016. He’s super talented and can really sing . He’s like a modern day George Clinton mixed with Stevie. I also really fucking love Cudis new album.

What is one quote that you live by?

My mom is the most quotable woman I know . One day she told me ” don’t start smelling yourself , you ain’t grown” like that legit stuck with me lol love you mom.

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