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Podcast: Chris Stylez – Trappin’ Anonymous ‘Cheating Anonymous’ Parts 1 & 2

This one’s for the unfaithful. Dipping into controversial topics many of us would love to know about but would not dare publicly say is entertainer Chris Stylez.

In this two part discussion, Chris Stylez dives into the world of Cheating. While men usually get the bad rep for being unfaithful, Stylez turns the tables and speaks with a cheating female in part 1, who discusses why males are more devastated when a woman is unfaithful. Stylez and the Anonymous Cheater drop vital information for those not only in relationships, but also those scorned looking for clarity:

In part 2, the ruthless entertainment continues. This time switching the attention back to the males, and getting into a deep conversation with a wandering man. This perspective challenges the double standard of men vs female cheating, but also poses the question, whether the relationship title is more important for some women rather than their dignity? Making it easier for a man to move on to the next vs. a woman? Sit back, grab your headphones and enjoy the ride:

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