Video: Missed Cam’Ron ‘s Side Of Things On IG Live? Stream It In Full! (Via TheTrophyLife)

What A Time. As we all basque in our great memories of the Dip-Set era, we are forced to face the fact that our idols are slowly becoming rivals. The ongoing battle and torn allegiance between the Diplomats including head honchos Jim Jones and Cam’ron has been no secret. Yet when Diplomat veteran Jim Jones recently sat down with Hot 97’s Funk Flex and announced his partnership with Roc Nation, things kicked up a notch.

Exposing all vulnerability and explaining his take on loyalty in regards to the beloved Dip-Set dynasty, Jim Jones shed light and tears while telling his take on things. In response, Cam’Ron took to Instagram Live for a lengthy (2 Hour) live stream setting “the record straight”. He even had long time friend Mendeeces call in, to weigh on the beef.

Check out the full stream below, courtesy of TheTrophyLife and let us pray our idols, let go of the hurt and patch things up.

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