#UPPLateNite: MOONCHA Brings ‘Beta’ To Life In Official Visuals

Moon Child. CT repper Mooncha serves as a smooth criminal while revisiting a past production and bringing it to life in BETA.

Particular with the execution of her artistry Mooncha welcomes all foreigners into her world of luminescent lights and trancing bars in the latest offering from The Quest repper. Posing as the focal point, Mooncha embodies the lyrics in the Chef produced, BETA. Serving looks of confidence in some shots while unsure in others, Mooncha embodies all of those who are following their own path with no set destination. Delivering a quick glimpse into her unique sound, taste for cinematic visuals and drive for range, BETA is the perfect, swift introduction to Mooncha, for those who haven’t yet come across this gem.

Mooncha spilled the beans on the process behind bringing the final product directed by Kasaad B to life:

“I’ve been through four different video concepts with four different directors for BETA. Not because I’m picky or anything (Which I Am)or because I’m hard to work with (wich I certainly am not)but simply have the most whimsical series of unfortunate events for 2.5 years”

And as you can see, the rest is history. Dive into the new visuals from The Quest Collective, here:

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