#TBT: That One Time Craigy F Got In His Bag In ‘Some Drugs & Some Love’

A star in the making. New London’s own Craigy F is known to deliver star quality performances, so when he debuted his anticipated project Some Drugs and Some Love fans knew what they were going to get. Heart Breaks, haze and melodic outtakes.

Craigy F is an artist with no limits. Always looking for new ways to manipulate his vocals, the Ridge SZN repper steps out of every comfort zone in this piece. Kicking things up a notch, Craigy tapped renown producers Maaly Raw, Nard & B and Bruce Wayne, while shining light on sounds created by producers from his home state as well.

Some Drugs And Some Love opens up with a number of perfect party tracks, but themes shift midway, as Love takes over leaving Craigy F to expose some of his darkest moments while in search of balance. The piece is filled with harmonies that will capture your heart and ears, leaving the project with endless replay value.

A few stand out tracks of the project include: Dope Ft. CASSOW, F*** It Up Ft. ihatesunday, No Games, TheyDontWantTheMoney and Curved Me. While Dark Valley seems to be the most impactful, from the sampling in the production to the eerie vocals and vulnerability delivered by Craigy F.

Stream the project in full here:

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