Mixtapes: Moore Ny X Unisfear – Maschine Gun Rap

Collaborative Magic. Moore Ny and Unisfear team up for a production trip, mixed with lethal lyrics in their latest offering Maschine Gun Rap. Fusing classics with a modern taste, the dynamic duo take over as Moore Ny delivers bar after bar, while Unisfear pieces everything together through production.

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Music: Jonesy Ft. Too Butta – We Both Ain’t S**t

True Love. New Haven’s own Jonesy is closing out the year strong, putting out a testimonial track featuring Too Butta, in We Both Ain’t S**t. Calling out all bluffs, Jonesy spits verses, filled with vulnerability, letting his love lost know that the game is first, but she is not too far after it.

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Marley’SmackedSnacks: Good As F*K Grilled Cheese


Setting the tone for the first installment of #Marley’Smacked Meals, created by Vegetarian chef Sesheta ‘Marley’ Nai, is a favorite and necessary musical selection. Serving as the official soundtrack for your first attempt at a sophisticated smacked snack, is none other than, NxWorries’ Yes Lawd!

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Mixtapes: Rhys T – Nights Like This (EP Stream)

Connecticut native and Waterbury’s own Rhys T, unleashes fury in his latest offering, the anticipated Nights Like This EP. Bracing all listeners with his Baritone flow and enticing transitions, Rhys T tells his story through 6 tracks.

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